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The Science Behind Slimvia
The secret to Slimvia lies in the fact that Slimvia addresses the true cause for weight gain, blood sugar fluctuations. As gluclose levels drop it creates a sharp hunger or craving for sweet foods in your body. Our first reaction is to reach for a food that provides immediate gratification however it sends our gluclose level sky rocketing. The body then releases insulin to counter act this spike and shortly after our glucose level falls drasticly again leading to a vicious cycle ending in weight gain. Slimvia targets your blood glucose levels and stabilizes them, resulting in a elimination of cravings for sweets and overeating.
Three Reasons why Slimvia will work for you

Appetite Reduction
Slimvia will reduce your appetite, increase feeling of fullness, increase energy, and reduces desire to eat between meals. It is recommended that you do not skip meals and at least consume a smaller portion. Skipping meals will make your body think it's starving, your body will store away every fat calorie it can, inhibiting the effectiveness of Slimvia and your desired weight loss goals.  One of the greatest obstacles to maintain weight control efforts is feeling hungry all the time.

Craving Reduction
Another of the greatest barriers to sustained weight control is cravings. Slimvia will help you to prevent high spikes in insulin and blood sugar levels, which will help you avoid the rapid blood sugar declines that can lead to low energy, hunger, food cravings, and between-meal snacking.

Reduces Carbohydrates
Carbohydrates, whether they are in the form of pastas, bread, potatoes or chocolate cake, eventually turn into glucose in your blood stream. Sugar is sugar-the body doesn't discriminate.
Slimvia will help you control the intake of carbohydrates and prevent high spikes in blood sugar levels that can lead to low energy and hunger.

Clinically Proven
In a recent research study users of Slimvia compared to a placebo lost an average of 27.5 more pounds. The research study was conducted over 90 days and users were asked to not change there exercise or eating patterns except for taking Slimvia.

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